Even though the 'S' designation had been used since the early 1950s, Mercedes decided to link the name 'Sonderklasse' or 'Special Class' to their flagship vehicles.
The first vehicle to receive this designation was  the W116 which was introduced in 1972.

The next incarnation of the special class flagship was the 126 version introduced in 1979. More commonly referred to as the W126.

Often referred to as 'The best car in the world'; it remains the most successful 'S' generation Mercedes of all time with a run of 12 years and a production total of 892,126 units.

The fact that there remains over a quarter of a million units still on the road is a testament to their design and build quality.

The author Nik Greene says:

"The Mercedes 126 S-Class of 1979-91 remains the most successful premium class saloon in the company's history to date and was considered by many to be one of the best cars in the world.

Even after more than a quarter of a century after the last one left the factory; close to a quarter of all 126s remain registered throughout the world.

Published by 'The Crowood Press'
the book contains over 220 pages
and 330 images.
and covers:

• Production history
• Choosing and buying a 126 S-Class
• Getting to know and living with a 126 S-Class
• Known weaknesses and foibles
• Routine servicing
• How to look after it
• Specifications and part numbers
Widely Available in Paperback and Kindle

This website covers the release of the Buying and Maintaining a Mercedes 126 S-Class including the W126, V126, C126 with engines including the M116, M117, M103, M110, OM617 and the OM603

Built by N. Greene Copyright 2017
Crowood press

The Crowood Press
Have just commissioned the author to write a second book to add to their 'Autoclassic' range.
The Mercedes-Benz 126 S-Class 1979-1991
It will detail the History and Production of the 126 S-Class'
Due out MID-2018

w126 book
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w126 book
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Buying and maintaining a 126 s-class mercedes
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Nik Greene
I believe that the 126 S-Class Mercedes is next in line amongst the so-called 'youngtimers' for true 'Classic Status'".
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