False Accusation, Guilty until proved innocent
NIE Award for overall best NON-FICTION 2012

Moving the family from the UK to France was intended to bring a new and better life and to give two newly adopted and troubled children a fresh start.

One Monday morning, everything changed; the whole family would fall apart in the instant it took for one little girl to lie.

With only the girls word the female detention judge looked at the author and spat the words,
"You Monsieur Greene, are a paedophile and a pervert, and I have the authority to put you in prison for 20 years. I am going to make it my mission to do so." and promptly sent him to a remand prison to await trial.

"In a country where it is presumed 'children don't lie,' it took three years to fight the archaic, biased French system and clear my name by law, but clearing my name with people was another matter."

In this true story, the author tells how sometimes "good intentions" are not always enough.
"Together my wife and I fought for my innocence and triumphed. We have managed through our own strengths and that of our true friends to put it behind us, but I still, to this day, have nightmares of the time I spent in a prison more akin to Victorian England."

He wrote this book to show how False Accusations affect not only the accuser and the accused, but everyone in between.
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