MERCEDES-BENZ Sport Coupé The complete story.
Due out at the end of 2020

In the very beginning, the automotive industry was dominated by open-top vehicles whose body shapes were very much based on the horse-drawn carriage, there were open and closed carriages and then there was the Coupé. These were developed from the type of carriage known as the Berlin coach, which was designed as a classic vehicle for individual luxury travel and prestige. This type of carriage offered an intimate atmosphere focused exclusively on the passengers; it did not even have space for luggage, it simply exuded style, elegance and luxury in every way.

With over 300 photographs and illustrations, this book includes:
An overview of the early days of ‘Sports-Car’ design
The influences of aerodynamics on design evolution
Early protagonists at Daimler-Benz and how they influenced design of the Coupé shape.
How the Racing Coupé influenced what became the production Sport Coupé
The experimental and one-off prototypes
The continuation of the Super Sport Light concept through the ‘S-Class’ range

Commissioned by Crowood Press Publishing House
Available Early 2021