Nik Greene was born in St Albans in 1964 but soon moved to Norfolk for a farming life with his mother, Step-father and two siblings.

Having always had an interest in cars he soon got into the Classic car scene after buying his first Jaguar at the age of 20. Joining the Jaguar Drivers club lead him to take his first tender steps into writing; firstly just newsletter articles of interest then as a Jaguar S'Type model representative which involved writing monthly articles. This turned more serious when contacted by Paul Skilleter, the eminent Jaguar historian, to write a few articles for his new magazine 'Jaguar Quarterly'. This opened the door to writing regular copy with other Classic car magazines.

Not satisfied just 'owning' a classic car Nik Greene always threw himself deeply into the history and design of the vehicles he has owned and restored which has lead to a good knowledge base. He has often said;

" There is no better way of knowing your car than by taking it apart, whether physically or historically"

Nik Greene's first Mercedes was a 123 model 280TE and being a love of quality and precision design and engineering his love for the marque grew. Later into the robust G-Wagen then into the S-Class 126.

After moving his family to France in 2004, the scope of vehicles not often seen on UK roads was huge and he went on to buy and restore many old Citroens and Renaults but never moved completely away from his love of the Mercedes Marque. He still owns his beloved G-Wagen after nearly 20years and having previously owned four 126s, he has settled on a very rare 126 560SE which remains pampered in his collection.

As president of the UK Mercedes126 Club and  a prevalent  copy writer, he was given access to the elusive 'Mercedes Classic Archives' in Stuttgart, GERMANY; Nik Greene says;

"As an enthusiast of a particular marque, being able to delve into original documentation and history often untouched or unseen anywhere else was my utopia"

Since his first book, he has continued writing for Crowood Press and has now been commissioned to write a number of books for Veloce Publishing.
He added with firm conviction that "There will be many more interesting books to come."

Nik Greene and his family suffered a harrowing setback when he was falsely accused of 'child abuse' by a disturbed adopted daughter; writing about it was a 'cathartic way' of overcoming the anguish.
The book False Accusation, Guilty until proven innocent' was his first published book and went on to achieve a 'Best Non-Fiction' NIE award.

He has also nearly completed a mystery novel based on his Protagonist Jack Thompson, named after his beloved Grand father... "Its already large enough to cover 2 books so I will have to make it a trilogy at the very least"

Nik Greene lives in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Limousin) area of central France with his wife Trudy and 3 Spaniels; Troilus, Cressida and Quintus.

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